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■ #stsd nimm dir zeit 9.07.2014 - 12:55 uhr




mein besuch im großen B hinterließ mich

irgendwo ueberfordert
aber zugleich auch motiviert

fuer letzteres gilt insbesondere anna und sabrina ein besonderer dank


anknuepfen faellt nicht immer leicht
weder an orte
noch an menschen

und so arbeitet es weiter im hinterkopf


dazwischen geschummelt hat sich eine neue jahreszahl, die mir neben anderem den tintentanz beschert hat

und so verbleibe ich mit einem nimm dir zeit
auch wenn leise laut sein kann


my berlin visit left me

overfilled with impressions
rather at a loss
but motivated at the same time

(for the latter, thank you anna and sabrina!)


catching up isn’t always easy
neither to places
nor to people

still on my mind


another new year said hello inbetween and the book tintentanz is one new year’s gifts i got

i remain with a take your time
even if silence can be loud

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■ analogue april leftovers 5.07.2014 - 16:04 uhr

bastisRIKE april 2014

bastisRIKE april 2014

bastisRIKE april 2014

bastisRIKE april 2014

bastisRIKE april 2014


to bridge the time until the next #stsd post: just some analogue leftovers from an april filmrole i shot while taking basti for walks.

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■ #stsd raus aus deiner komfortzone 18.06.2014 - 19:12 uhr

bastisRIKE "Raus aus Deiner Komfortzone"

lettering again … a message to myself: move out of your comfort zone!

deutsche sprache, schoene sprache
raus aus der komfortzone




i’m off to berlin for a couple of days. meeting friends, being among people. offline. just my old nikon beside. move out of your comfort zone!

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■ #stsd stop talking start doing 12.06.2014 - 18:29 uhr

bastisRIKE stop talking start doing

bastisRIKE brush play

this is the first post of my new project i already indicated in the previous post.


stop talking start doing


every week i’ll post an image. there are no restrictions. every technique is allowed.

but there’s one rule: move past perfectionism.

i plan to use this as a tool to grow. a tool to change my habits. a tool to get back to making.


and to share my process and progress with you is one needed istrument of motivation to
change my habits in the long run. i hope you like to follow me on this journey.

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■ analogue ups and downs 2.06.2014 - 17:33 uhr

bastisRIKE analogue spring

bastisRIKE analogue spring

bastisRIKE analogue spring

bastisRIKE analogue spring

note: after much thought i decided to turn the comment function off from now. it’s one result of the fact that i want – and need – to establish a healthier way of living. healthier in the meaning of happier.
and to use the images above as an metaphor: this includes an healthy proportionality of ups and downs.

this blog will be one of my tools to get there.
a tool i want to use without finding myself being wrapped up in.
actually i want to fill this place again by getting back to ‘making’.
more on this in another post.

this does not mean that i didn’t appreciate every single comment you have left here before. in fact i put much more weight on comments than i would like to admit. so i asked myself what i need to do, to keep this place stressless, enjoyable and sustainable for me, so i can use it as an useful tool to reach my goal. my answer from todays point of view: no comments.
and so i decided to give it a try.

ma’am, step away from the computer!

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■ a shop update 20.05.2014 - 18:06 uhr

bastisRIKE SHOPupdate mai 2014

through the last weeks I devoted some time to work on my stamp collection. finally some new stamp designs made it into my dawanda shop.

bastisRIKE SHOPupdate mai 2014: Blütenkranz Stempel

this wreath of flowers, cutted from paper, for example

bastisRIKE SHOPupdate mai 2014: Was zu tun ist - Block

my ‘was zu tun ist, ist zu tun’ notepad made it there too

bastisRIKE SHOPupdate mai 2014: Hallo! Stempel
i thought it was time to make
a new ‘hallo’ stamp since
i sorted out the old
one months ago




bastisRIKE eSHOP coming soon

perhaps you have noticed you won’t find all of the pictured stamps in the shop. this is the reason: i’m working on our own, independet eshop. and i try to motivate myself as i’m doing everything on my own, with a little help from my man. let’s knuckle down!




bastisRIKE SHOPupdate mai 2014: danke schön Stempel

now it’s time to say ‘danke schön’ for your attention!

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■ good things take time 12.05.2014 - 15:52 uhr



weeks have passed since this post and even if this place is a quiet one, a lot is happening in the background. i made new contacts, found craftsmen and manufactories to work with. so i’m happy to tell you there are new bastisrike products to come. just a small number, but well selected. new materials will meet new ideas and new designs. looking back i’m more than thankful for this kick-off.

good things take time.

i have to keep reminding myself this lecture from time to time, but right now i’m just grateful for this new tempo.






my reading those days: tanizaki jun’ichirōs ‘lob des schattens’ (in praise of shadows)




i’m in love with the new collection of WSAKE … in particular with
this WATERING CAN (part of the W COLLECTION by Waldemar
Artmann), photo credit: Anna Artmann

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■ may makes everything new 3.05.2014 - 11:31 uhr

bastisRIKE alles neu macht der mai


“They didn’t know where they was going but they knew where they was wasn’t it.”

We are everyday robots on our phones,
In the process of getting home.
Looking like standing stones,
Out there on our own.

We’re everyday robots in control,
In the process of being sold.
Driving in adjacent cars,
‘Til we press ‘restart.’

(They didn’t know where it was going on, but they knew what it was, wasn’t it?)

Everyday robots just touch thumbs.
Swimmin’ in lingo, they become,
Stricken in a state of sleep.
One more vacant seat.

For everyday robots getting old,
When our lips are cold.
Looking like standing stones,
Out there on our own.

Damon AlbarnEveryday Robots Lyrics


a call without using many words: inform yourself & get activ … may is a month of elections

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■ love letters 25.04.2014 - 13:50 uhr

listening to metronomy’s love letters

bastisRIKE another sneakPEEK
while playing with an idea of a new addition to bastisRIKE’s product line




bastisRIKE Mr.Hasselbeck's beautiful home
in love with this home. (photo source: Mr.Hasselbeck instagram, photo credit: Sebastian Donath)


have a nice weekend!

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■ was zu tun ist … 23.04.2014 - 13:30 uhr

bastisRIKE was zu tun ist ...


create the things you whish existed

driven by the aim to de-clutter my surrounding and by the love for lists i decided to design a bastisRIKE todo notepad. minimalistic and in love for the german language i decided to make only a german version. derived by my old list stamp.


bastisRIKE coming soon: was zu tun ist ... Block
two sizes to choose from. the left one will make it to the printer. thank you all for your opinion!

as ususal it will come on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel labeled) printed with inks based on vegetable oil.

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22.04.2014 - 12:41 uhr

lost in drawing lines and dots

bastisRIKE bastisBASKET
basti’s new old bed




bastisRIKE likes ourstrangenature
i like the ourstrangenature shop. those pen holders offering room for a small plant in particular. (photo credit: Our strange nature)




i’m curious, like what i see so far and ordered my copy … perhaps you like it too: openhouse magazine

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■ a day in the life 11.04.2014 - 13:07 uhr

bastisRIKE was invited to take over the etsy instagram feed today/yesterday. we are still excited to be featured on etsy’s inspiring #dayinthelife series on IG.

i decided to show you the whole bunch of pictures i sent in. the large-sized ones are those etsy choosed for the series which is reduced to 5 pics a day.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
My days start with a walk with Basti my dog and name giver for ‘bastisRIKE’. During spring our way is dotted with petal confetti. It’s the best thing to start a day and to wake up fully. And if it doesn’t help: Back at home breakfast and coffee is already waiting, prepared by my bearded man.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
Baking is my kind of meditation if work gets too stressful. Besides the bakeries around our home are sadly quiet bad. So every couple of days there’s a bread dough growing. And if there’s just a small amount of time my favourite choice is the famous #nokneadbread.

Every now and then, depending on the order situation, i have to restock my stamps. This means cutting, mounting and applying matching labels on top. Not a creative part of my work but it helps with sorting thoughts and ideas.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
Two sources of inspiration. Photos made with my old nikon and even more important: the bearded man pictured together with Basti. He’s by my side since almost 14 years and I cant imagine a life without him. He’s my best friend and the man i love.

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3.04.2014 - 16:52 uhr

h. schoen DRAPE
(studio sketch from 2008)

sometimes you get lost


i try to take this as an opportunity to remember the things i love

but almost forgot

never recognized

or appreciated


wieder wollen koennen


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■ an instagram week 29.03.2014 - 14:34 uhr

a gift by WSAKE
a sparkling surprise gift by lovely anna aka WSAKE

bastisRIKE instagram week

- i rearranged the surrounding of my working table. hello daylight. hello wsake’s new postcard collection. so simple, so beautiful. coming soon.

- contrasts in the evening light. there’s one AN ARTIST’S HAND pillow cover left in my etsy shop, after i had to cancel one order

- my avocado tree

- almost every second day i bake bread (my basic recipe)

an OBJEKT.01 for Debbie

an objekt.01 for Debbie in the making


not sure how to move on with this place. i’m having too much fun on instagram and right now it just suits me better than this blog.
and (re)posts like this shouldn’t be the only result of that …
time will tell

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