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■ black and white 10.01.2014 - 10:51 uhr

a new postcard with an old design made of watercolour and papercuts months ago. coming soon.

bastisRIKE DOG IN THE FIELDS by Joana Rosa Bragança
a dog in the fields by Joana Rosa Bragança. looks like basti don’t you think?


soundtrack today:  grizzly bear live at the sydney opera house. another nice one: sarah blasko


like this door and those artworks in the home of john derian.

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2.01.2014 - 16:25 uhr

bastisRIKE julie joliat's AGENDA FOR A BETTER YEAR
[ agenda 2014 ]


welcome 2014, you feel good.

a happy new one to you all!


▫ beautiful collections: I + II + III + IV
▫ new year’s day soundtrack: paul + supertramp and more. thank you 3sat.

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■ let it shine 21.12.2013 - 15:32 uhr

new old wall decoration for our future home … couldn’t resist and auctioned 3kg scrap metal from a watch maker

stamp printed wrapping paper

this unexpected present by anna from wsake makes my heart jump with joy

bastisRIKE goldpapertalk: LASS ES LEUCHTEN
lass es leuchten = let it shine … unexpected christmas mail by marleen and my new motto for 2014


thank you so much!

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■ an invitation 18.12.2013 - 12:15 uhr

[cantarero nach cotan]

marleen invited me to take part in her advent calendar 20||13. it’s a special one. one with the intention to give strength and energy for the winter time.

you can find my small contribution here.


today my shops will close their doors for a winter break.
i want to thank all my customers, this year has been a good one.

new challenges. new products.


and in the end i’m blessed. and incredibly thankful.

now i’m looking forward for some quiet days, to retrospect, to organize, sort out and make new plans. to slow down.


so, this is my present to marleen and her blog readers and to you. an invitation: slow down. take this room by Juan Sánchez Cotán, cleared out by me, and put in all those small things missing attention. those you forgot through the last weeks and months, those you overlooked, perhaps ignored. take time for you and your loved ones.


two more beautiful advent calendar. making me smile every day:

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■ leipzig 5.12.2013 - 10:15 uhr


this photo is quite exactly 3 years old. it shows my last atelier before moving out to work at home. winter outside, including a lot of snow.


a lot of memories. good and bad. still in love with you.


another result of this is a train ticket for a long awaited trip to leipzig. so, i’m off for a few days. offline, my old nikon beside.

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■ sweet chestnuts 29.11.2013 - 12:45 uhr

in october i had to stay a weekend in my childhood home to take care of parents dog. i took the opportunity to gather chestnuts on sunday early morning. glad to know those two old sweet chestnuts trees are still there.

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

wearing a pair of sandra’s famous wristworms. optimal with a dog and a camera beside.

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

to stay outside without seeing anybody is the best comfort to me. i love those quiet minutes. no cars, no people, no noise. just the flattering of leaves and thuds of chestnuts falling off the trees.

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

bastisRIKE heimat oct13

have a nice weekend

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■ time off 27.11.2013 - 16:01 uhr

through those busy weeks of the holiday shopping season i’m longing to do things beside packing, bookkeeping and order handling. not complaining (!) but i think it’s really important to take time off and to do something you enjoy.

bastisRIKE handprinted EYE SWEATER

so yesterday i started to print this sweater. planned a long time, intended to wear on craftfairs. reminded by elisabeth’s. now it’s just going to be my new favourite sweater. the back and some plain pyjamas are waiting for the next ‚time off‘.

[schlichte naturtextilien findet ihr zum beispiel hier]

bastisRIKE objekt.01 packaging

in between, (more than) fine-tuning of objekt.01’s packaging design … improving, a matter of the heart …


finally treated myself with this one to make my reading chair more cozy. i adore matti pikkujämsä’s work . he doesn’t have a homepage, but great pinterest boards (one with his works) you can spend hours looking through …

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■ bells bells bells 22.11.2013 - 13:07 uhr

bastisRIKE vintage bells

since i came across this on pinterest (sadly i couldn’t find the original source thank you a.!) i watch out for old metal bells. so every now and then i take time to visit the local thrift store … and today i was lucky to find those beauties.

i brought them home together with an old wooden filing box (i will use to store my gifttags) and a coffee filter from white porcelain (i broke the old one). all together for less then 8 euro. happy me.

bells by mquan
– irona bells and windchimes
– mudpuppy’s disc bells
crotal bells by jo
– broken bells holding on for life

have a nice day

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■ fresh start 20.11.2013 - 17:36 uhr

bastisRIKE MONSTERA fresh start

repotting my beloved monstera wearing new woolen socks made by my grandma.

i like the idea of a fresh start … even if the timing is bad …
give yourself some treats and start new


picking songs for a ‚fresh start‘ playlist … 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 […]
any suggestions?

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■ rocking horse, an angel and a star 11.11.2013 - 16:58 uhr


bastisRIKE rocking horse stamp

just a quick post to let you know the new christmas stamps moved into the shops …

etsy | dawanda

thank you

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■ small things 9.11.2013 - 15:56 uhr

bastisRIKE ginger
i love to order big amounts of ginger with our organic box. not just because i really love ginger tea (with lemon juice and honey) but because i love those gorgeous shapes

bastisRIKE gingko
before yesterday i didn’t knew there’s a ginko tree in our front yard … until those beauties felt at my feet


i’m off to prepare the yeast dough for those pumpkin buns. have a nice weekend!

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■ objekt.01 5.11.2013 - 14:31 uhr

this product launch was planned to take place on the hello handmade market last weekend. but i’m happy to have this place to show you what i’ve been working on through the last weeks.

since i designed this rubber stamp more than a year ago, that string of beads is one of my favorite motifs. it captivated and attracted me ever since. it showed up on my gift tags and last years holiday cards. so i thought it was time to transfer it into one of my favorite materials: wood.

bastisRIKE objekt.01

i found a local master carpenter to work with and after weeks of glimpses on instagram, it’s finally done.

bastisRIKE Objekt.01


welcome: objekt.01
[ beechwood from sustainable forests + vegetable tanned leather // 60*500mm ]


bastisRIKE objekt.01

at that time „objekt.01“ is only available on email request, but it will move in the shop soon. can be found exclusively in bastisRIKE’s etsy shop.


so, i’m terribly curious … do you like what you see?

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■ repeating 3.11.2013 - 17:00 uhr

bastisRIKE lehre

nearly a year ago i wrote about it and the same scenario is repeating itself. it seems like i didn’t learn my lesson and need dedention.

so, right now i should stand behind my stall at the hello handmade market in hamburg. i’m not. yesterday i finally made the decission to use of the emergency brake: i cancelled.
my head is still hurting, it’s full and empty at the same time. but nevertheless i felt better in the moment i spoke out.

i’m sorry if my absence disappointed some of you.

but this decission was well needed even if the timing is awful and kind of rude. but i hope it’s not the last one i make to feel better again. i have need to learn to listen to my body and to my gut feeling and to stop ignoring the signals.

i whish you all a nice sunday and a good start into a new week.




danke c.



thank you all for your comments, emails, messages … it means a lot to me. more than words could say.

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■ brick on brick 16.10.2013 - 17:33 uhr

bastisRIKE farbauswahl

decisions want to be made




mounting stamps all day


read instead …

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