bastisRIKE Henrike Schoen
Basti [ † 23. Dezember 2017 ]

bastisRIKE [Basti's Rike]

Hello, I am Henrike Schoen, called Rike. Head and hand behind the label bastisRIKE.

2009 in parallel to my studies I founded bastisRIKE. Hand drawn, lovingly designed rubber stamps have been my first products, next to paper products. In 2014 with releasing my first woven blanket called THE GRID I was able to extend my product range. In spring 2018 it will be extended with more high quality textile products.

Basti, my Jack Russel terrier, who has been the name giver to my business, accompanied me along the way. Sadly I had to say goodbye in the winter of 2017.

All bastisRIKE products have one thing in common, they are based on analogue handmade designs. The attention to detail is reflected by the careful choice of environment friendly materials and manufactures.

I set a high value on co-operation with small and local manufactories and workshops. That's why all products are made in Germany.

It's where ink, scissors, recycling paper and organic textiles meet.

"I am convinced
everyone has the choice."

It is my aim, that bastisRIKE products' environmental impact is minimized as much as possible. Next to that all people involved should be treated and paid fairly.

As an entrepreneur and as a designer I see it as my responsibility to not follow the fast and easy way. I'm not interested in "More is more!". I want to create products based on respect for people and nature.

That's why I try to draw the materials used preferably regionally. But in truth that's not always possible. Cotton does not grow inlocal climes. But there's still a choice and so I decided to go for certified organic cotton. Cotton grown under standards including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

It's not easy to implement those goals. Usualy it needs more time and involves higher costs. And yes, sometimes I have to give up a product idea.

In the end it is certaint: Fast and cheap is no option. Neither for me as a person nor for my label bastisRIKE. My products shall distinguish themselves through long-life quality and time-less designs.
Short-lived trends are not my thing. And every now and then I make decisions, which say "No, thanks!" to the idea of the conventional, profit-oriented entrepreneurship. Because:

"I do love to design beautiful products.
But not at any price."

Short facts:

I was born in 1979 at the Lower Rhein area. After an apprenticeship in mediadesign I received my diploma in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in 2011. I live and work in Leipzig.

More about me and bastisRIKE you can find on my Blog or via Instagram.

Thank you for your time,
kind regards