Kumi Mood: Cäcilia Holtgreve und Benno Sattler

bastisRIKE meets KUMI MOOD

Kumi Mood are Cäcilia Holtgreve, a graphic designer with a penchant for fashion design, and Benno Sattler, with a degree in fine arts, who loves crafts and executes them with perfection.

Kumi Mood, like bastisRIKE, is based in Leipzig. Here they design playful objects and home accessories for an imaginative home. All products are produced in Germany and made of high quality materials.

Our products are likewise home decoration, toys and art objects.

For our cooperation, I invited Cäcilia and Benno to design a small blanket collection. Because Kumi Mood's colors and shapes have inspired and impressed me from the first moment.

A few months we worked meticulously, considered, discarded and planned and now I am very happy to bring some fresh color in bastisRIKEs assortment with this cooperation.



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