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bastisRIKE meets MINUK

MINUK is run by Hamburg-based designer Antje Arens. Her collection of bags and accessories combines distinctively chosen colors and shapes with geometrical designs. Layout of patterns and fabrics, manual screen printing and the cutting of leather straps – all steps are carried out by hand with attention to detail and quality in mind. MINUK is located in a small studio in Hamburg/Altona.


bastisRIKE meets MINUK: Leather handles for scarf handbag


Antje designed and manufactured leather handles matching to my cloths or scarfs. Those straps can easily be attached so you can turn your cloth into a spacious handbag. Following the example of the Japanese, multifunctional Furoshiki.

Together with her partner Henning, Antje captured in this beautiful video how easy it is to turn your cloth into a bag. A small, illustrated instructions can also be found in the article description:


Credits: Film: Henning Christiansen, Musik: Joachim Lorenzen, Foto: Anna Constanty

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bastisRIKE meets MINUK


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