■ mini mini mini

my new mini stamps arrived. some old designs and some more new designs. i’m in love. hope to find the time to update my shop soon. right now i feel like the white rabbit … no time! but don’t get me wrong, i’m totally thankful cause i’m allowed to be busy like a bee. a … Weiterlesen

■ soul food

outside it’s dark and it seems the sun likes to hide all day. so i decided to make some soul food this morning. yeast dough allways works. this time i made reformationsbrötchen (reformation buns). in leipzig you got them in every bakery the days around reformation day (yesterday). one thing i miss next to a … Weiterlesen

■ she’s growing

as fast as a black hole can embrace you with it’s dark thoughts, overwhelm you with doubts or fears, as fast it disappears and leaves you with a ‘just go on!’. what luck. i’m sure those ‘downs’ are an important part of all that. even if there’s no obvious reason to blame, it forces you … Weiterlesen

■ papercut monstera

some weeks ago i swiped a cutting of the beautiful monstera placed in the hallway of our apartment building. as it decided to grow really slowly i started to make my own one. scissors and black cardboard. my best friends. let’s see how it grows … thank you all for your kind comments on my … Weiterlesen

fighting. against a cold and against the black hole i’m sinking in the last days. after weeks of being a busy bee preparing for the market last weekend it’s hard for me to come down again. so i’m kind of restless and i have to force myself to relax, to do just nothing for a … Weiterlesen