fighting. against a cold and against the black hole i’m sinking in the last days. after weeks of being a busy bee preparing for the market last weekend it’s hard for me to come down again. so i’m kind of restless and i have to force myself to relax, to do just nothing for a … Weiterlesen

■ pastel

just a tiny pastel-coloured hello from me to you. time flies by. i’ll come back to this place next week. have a nice one. you’ll find me in hamburg this sunday.   psst: thank you all for your nice comments on my papercuts. it means a lot to me. psssst: some of you asked me … Weiterlesen

■ papercuts

the last days i worked on my new mini stamp designs. spontaneously i decided to add some new papercuts. it’s weird, in times i feel overloaded by work i need to do things like that: reaching for the big scissors, schnipp-schnapp! otherwise my head would explode i think. perhaps it’s just the pressure of time, … Weiterlesen

■ tranquillizers

gardening or repotting calms my nervs. its like a tiny holiday for some minutes. so today i gave those pilea babies a new home. i was so happy to find this faced pot. even it’s not half as beautiful as jo’s large-nosed one (you can see here or there). ▫ jo’s blog: toot as in … Weiterlesen

■ artists I: alexander kanoldt

i’m busy preparing for the hello handmade market in hamburg those days. it’s the first time i have a stall for my own there and i’m a bit nervous to be honest. as i feel i have nothing to say or picture on my day life (i’m sitting at my desk all day more or … Weiterlesen