■ analogue autumn

the last weeks i didn’t spend much time outside with my camera. today i got a fright while thinking i could have missed the best autumn days allready. but my man brought those photos home today. a film i shot through the last weeks. and hello, there it is. everything. the light, the colours, the … Weiterlesen

■ old // new

weeks ago i bought this plain white man’s shirt at a thrift store. my plan: to print it with my own stamps to wear it at the hello handmade market in hamburg in october. i thought it would be nice to show a ‘non paper’ example how you can use stamps in a simple but … Weiterlesen

■ nothing to say

a week is gone since my last post. a busy offline week. and in the end i’m a bit tired. so please bear with me if i have nothing to say at all. so this is just some kind of a needless “i’m still here and i’m fine” post. i’ll be back tomorrow. have a … Weiterlesen

■ today’s patterns

like to get lost in those dark greens a present to myself. i don’t like to wear dresses, so i’ll wear it as a shirt. in memory of the beautiful tree standing in front of our balcony since they felled it yesterday. working on a pattern commission using the big scissors again. have a nice … Weiterlesen

thanks to a cold i spent my weekend on the couch with my mini stamps. so you can find – earlier than expected – almost all in my dawanda shop right now. the last ones will follow in the next days. i take it as a warning shot. those come as allways, at the least … Weiterlesen