■ nothing to say

a week is gone since my last post. a busy offline week. and in the end i’m a bit tired. so please bear with me if i have nothing to say at all. so this is just some kind of a needless “i’m still here and i’m fine” post. i’ll be back tomorrow. have a … Weiterlesen

■ today’s patterns

like to get lost in those dark greens a present to myself. i don’t like to wear dresses, so i’ll wear it as a shirt. in memory of the beautiful tree standing in front of our balcony since they felled it yesterday. working on a pattern commission using the big scissors again. have a nice … Weiterlesen

thanks to a cold i spent my weekend on the couch with my mini stamps. so you can find – earlier than expected – almost all in my dawanda shop right now. the last ones will follow in the next days. i take it as a warning shot. those come as allways, at the least … Weiterlesen

■ mini mini mini

my new mini stamps arrived. some old designs and some more new designs. i’m in love. hope to find the time to update my shop soon. right now i feel like the white rabbit … no time! but don’t get me wrong, i’m totally thankful cause i’m allowed to be busy like a bee. a … Weiterlesen

■ soul food

outside it’s dark and it seems the sun likes to hide all day. so i decided to make some soul food this morning. yeast dough allways works. this time i made reformationsbrötchen (reformation buns). in leipzig you got them in every bakery the days around reformation day (yesterday). one thing i miss next to a … Weiterlesen