■ shop /// bastisRIKE trifft … MINUK

bastisRIKE und MINUK haben sich zusammengetan. Und so werden aus Antjes handgefertigten Lederriemen und bastisRIKEs Tüchern mit wenigen Handgriffen geräumige Taschen. Frei nach dem Motto #choosemultiuse und nach Vorbild der japanischen, vielfältig einsetzbaren Furoshiki Tücher. Wie einfach sich Riemen und Tuch in eine Tasche umwandeln lassen, hat Antje in Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem Mann in diesem … Weiterlesen

■ good things take time

  weeks have passed since this post and even if this place is a quiet one, a lot is happening in the background. i made new contacts, found craftsmen and manufactories to work with. so i’m happy to tell you there are new bastisrike products to come. just a small number, but well selected. new … Weiterlesen

■ a day in the life

bastisRIKE was invited to take over the etsy instagram feed today/yesterday. we are still excited to be featured on etsy’s inspiring #dayinthelife series on IG. i decided to show you the whole bunch of pictures i sent in. the large-sized ones are those etsy choosed for the series which is reduced to 5 pics a … Weiterlesen

■ news + bastisRIKE giveaway + a break

was lange währt wird endlich gut – finally the pillow cases made it into the shops! driftwood, ilvy’s rabbit, this is just a pillow, day&night, fir trees, an artist’s hands and network etsy | dawanda which one do you prefer? please tell me what you think and participate in a giveaway at the same time. what … Weiterlesen

■ mood lifter

sometimes you get thwarted … by others, by circumstances, by yourself. it’s good to have a plan B. and if not, it’s important to find the strength to go on and try a restart. small steps instead of big ones. a lot of things going on behind the scenes. one step forward, two steps back. … Weiterlesen