lost in drawing lines and dots basti’s new old bed   //   i like the ourstrangenature shop. those pen holders offering room for a small plant in particular. (photo credit: Our strange nature)   //   i’m curious, like what i see so far and ordered my copy … perhaps you like it too: … Weiterlesen

■ a day in the life

bastisRIKE was invited to take over the etsy instagram feed today/yesterday. we are still excited to be featured on etsy’s inspiring #dayinthelife series on IG. i decided to show you the whole bunch of pictures i sent in. the large-sized ones are those etsy choosed for the series which is reduced to 5 pics a … Weiterlesen

■ analogue winter

a few analogue pics of this fading winter. right now, the sun is shining and the birds call out spring. the last weeks and months i have been missing the real cold and snow out there, but in the end there’s alway something beautiful to find. basti, by my side every day

■ black and white

basti is sick since days a new old reminder above my working desk alles ist gut // everything is alright a gift i made myself   soundtrack: parasite single: telescope