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■ winter pics and a bread recipe

bastisRIKE: winterBASTI

bastisRIKE: winterFLORA

bastisRIKE: winterHIMMEL

bastisRIKE: winterLANDSCHAFT

bastisRIKE: winterNEST

picked up some pics today. a film role filled with winter from the last weeks.

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

for sure i couln’t ever be a food-blogger. never ever. i’m so impatient and can’t wait to eat instead of making good looking photos. and who want’s to look at plates with crumbs as recipe reference? hm, perhaps this could be a nice and funny blog project, for sure something like this is already out there?

anyway, i found this one food photo between all the wintery structures: my beloved rootbread.

bastisRIKE: wurzelBROT

some of you asked for its recipe, so here it comes. (note: as you will notice it’s a slow-food recipe):

rootbread (3 loaves)


160g wheat flour (1050) (you can replace it with spelt-flour (1050) if you want)
160ml cold water
3g salt

stir together and place it covered with foil at a cold place (fridge) for at least 12 hours.

main dough:

580g wheat flour (550)
80g rye flour
360ml cold water
8g fresh yeast
2 tablespoons vinegar

mix those ingredients with the starter-dough. knead the dough for 4 minutes (kitchen machine on lowest speed)

add 12g salt and knead it for another 5 minutes (kitchen machine on speed II). let it rise for 12-18 hours covered with foil
at a cold place (fridge).
place your dough on a floured work surface. leave it covered with a damp cloth for 40 minutes to become ‚warm‘. after this
fold the dough from top to down and from right to left and cover it with the damp cloth again. repeat this step 3 times every
10 minutes.

divide the dough in three parts. flour those parts and your hands and twist both ends of each piece against each other to get
the root-like look. leave them for another 20 minutes.

place a bowl of water in your oven and preheat it to 250°c. bake the bread for 5 minutes and remove the bowl. after another
15 minutes reduce heat to 200°c for final baking. it should be golden brown in the end and if you’re unsure if its done knock
on its underside. it should make a hollow sound.

we love to eat it just with best butter and some sea salt on top. let me know if you tried this recipe and if you have any suggestions!


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10 Responses to “■ winter pics and a bread recipe”

  1. Sara sagt:

    i’m just like you : i cannot stand looking at good smelling food without eating it right away,ahaha

    The bread looks wonderful,maybe i will try to do it this weekend :)

    Love your portraits of a snowy Winter *

  2. julie sagt:

    ich wünsch mir grüne nadelpostkarten! und das brot klingt herrlich und sieht so schön aus. ich werde berichten!

  3. maria sagt:

    Rike, was fuer wunderschoene Fotos. Ich vermisse den WInter, seine Ruhe, die deine Fotos austrahlen und tolle Farben. Ganz wunderbar

  4. Barbara sagt:

    Thanks for sharing, I definetely will give it a try!

  5. ibabe sagt:

    Beautiful winter pictures…lovely dog ;)
    It is the first time here and finding nearly made bread is a pleasure…I can smell it
    Will come more!

  6. Alana sagt:

    Just wanted to tell you I made this bread and it was fantastic! Really one of the best breads I’ve ever made. Thank you so much for posting the recipe. I ended up baking the dough as a boule instead of the root shape, but it still worked. Here’s a photo!

  7. Jessica sagt:

    Looks wonderful, I am trying to make it but I’m stuck in the UK at the moment and we only have strong bread flour, plain flour, extra fine plain flour (for pastries, pasta etc) and wholewheat spelt…
    we don’t have different types 1050 or 1150 etc. Have you got any idea which is the best flour I could use for teh starter dough and then for the main dough?
    also which vinigar do you use, would white wine vinegar be ok?
    many thanks for the recipe I will let you know how it turns out! :)

    • bastisRIKE sagt:

      oh that’s a difficult question. it’s a geman typification and includes the information of the flours mineral content. the higher the number-combination the higher is the mineral content of the flour. so 1050 means the mineral content is quite high and the colour is a bit darker. i think you could try spelt flour (not whole spelt flour).

      for the main dough i would use all purpose wheat flour instead.

      and yes, i use white wine vinegar :)

      looking forwar to hear from you!