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■ tranquillizers


gardening or repotting calms my nervs. its like a tiny holiday for some minutes. so today i gave those pilea babies a new home. i was so happy to find this faced pot. even it’s not half as beautiful as jo’s large-nosed one (you can see here or there).

▫ jo’s blog: toot as in foot. my latest blog crush. a lot of green, beautiful vintage finds and a nice sence of humour.

how to grow an avocado plant

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17 Responses to “■ tranquillizers”

  1. Evdokia Tsiligiridou sagt:

    love this facepot!
    pilea plant is for inner spaces?
    looks pretty!
    & i have visited jo’s blog!
    liked it very much!

  2. Joanna Waterhouse sagt:

    Thank you Rike! I adore your blog too, and of course your beautiful stamps. You’re very right about potting plants, it makes me all happy and calm. And I think you’re face pot is so sweet, what a find.

  3. Polly sagt:

    Oh I love that little face pot! I spied Jo’s the other day too. I agree nothing beats a potter with plants – certainly calms my nerves. Even a potter round the house with my watering can can do the trick.

  4. Perfect pots, I look after my baby (pilea) with care and love, finger crossed it will grow nice and strong!
    Glad you found Jo, she’s adorable!

  5. yoojin sagt:

    Oh those pilea look sooo cute! Love to have one too! I love having different kinds of plants! :) :) And the face pot is gorgeous! :)
    Gardening always calms me down too…

  6. Steph sagt:

    I like!


  7. Anne Peter sagt:

    ich habe nur einen kleinen balkon. den liebe ich. wenn ich den ganzen tag vor dem rechner saß, bringt es mich wieder ins gleichgewicht, in der erde zu graben.

    wunderschön deine pilea. wo bekommt man die?

    liebst, a.

  8. WSAKE sagt:

    oooh… i´m the same, it really slows me down just taking care of my plants – just moved „everbody“ inside since the weather is getting to cold…

  9. Ma Ti sagt:

    der gesichtstopf hat es mir schwer angetan.. /ti

  10. robertomason sagt:

    I love the face pot, If I can’t find one when I ‚m next Jumble Sailing I will have to make one. I think every house needs more potted plants. toot as in foot is my favorite blog.