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■ she’s growing



as fast as a black hole can embrace you with it’s dark thoughts, overwhelm you with doubts or fears, as fast it disappears and leaves you with a ‚just go on!‘. what luck.
i’m sure those ‚downs‘ are an important part of all that. even if there’s no obvious reason to blame, it forces you to take a step back and to change your perspective.

so in the end i’m fine with you, my black hole. you’re allowed to visit me every now and then, just don’t stay too long. otherwise i’ll kick you out!

‚im zweifel für den zweifel‘

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8 Responses to “■ she’s growing”

  1. Alessandra sagt:

    I certainly agree with you…until there’s the strength to kick that black hole out, there’s hope.

  2. WSAKE sagt:

    such a wonderful yet a bit sad post… as soon as you know this strength is kicking in at some time, itr´s so much easier to bear!

  3. So true.  I’ll start to enjoy the black holes more now, those are wise words.

  4. Lynne sagt:

    So true! Accepting the black hole but knowing when it´s enough and kick it out can strengthen you so much. Glad you find your way. And what a wonderful (and) suitable song this is!

  5. Causei Know sagt:

    and once we encounter these black holes, there is always somebody who doesn’t know about it and in fact did something very well and with much love for us and/or a wonder- and fruitful co-operation could start from that point – and we just don’t recognize it for beeing in a hole and not ready for opportunities. not to be unfair with others is something i must push myself to once the black hole takes over…