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■ nothing to say

bastisRIKE: my men

a week is gone since my last post. a busy offline week. and in the end i’m a bit tired. so please bear with me if i have nothing to say at all. so this is just some kind of a needless „i’m still here and i’m fine“ post. i’ll be back tomorrow. have a nice sunday! rike

▫ sigur rós‘ beautiful and intense valtari video
▫ rookie’s rainy day tunes (love those friday playlists at rookie)

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5 Responses to “■ nothing to say”

  1. enjoy your sunday <3
    i have taped my whole house with your pretty maskingtape this week ^_^
    take care!

  2. I’m the same on my blog…. too much going on, but nothing to show yet.  I like your inbetween post though, nice to see little Bastis (I think that is your dog’s name?)   :)

  3. Franz-Josev sagt:

    It`s never needless to say i’m still here and i’m fine” :-)