■ an instagram week

a gift by WSAKE
a sparkling surprise gift by lovely anna aka WSAKE

bastisRIKE instagram week

– i rearranged the surrounding of my working table. hello daylight. hello wsake’s new postcard collection. so simple, so beautiful. coming soon.

– contrasts in the evening light. there’s one AN ARTIST’S HAND pillow cover left in my etsy shop, after i had to cancel one order

– my avocado tree

– almost every second day i bake bread (my basic recipe)

an OBJEKT.01 for Debbie

an objekt.01 for Debbie in the making


not sure how to move on with this place. i’m having too much fun on instagram and right now it just suits me better than this blog.
and (re)posts like this shouldn’t be the only result of that …
time will tell

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    • danke dir (!)

      ich werde es einfach werden lassen. auf dauer wird ‘doppeltgemoppelt’ aber nicht mein freund. zumindest nicht, so lange sich daneben nicht ein ‘mehr’ einordnet.

      und fuer das ‘mehr’ fehlt gerade inspiration, muße oder auch lust