photo credit: STUDIO OINK

talking about comissions, cooperations and team work … as some kind of hermit this is the most difficult exercise to me. but there’s so much to learn and win through the exchange of views, ideas or problems. thinking of that, first steps are taken more easier.

so i’m more than happy to name this first cooperation. bastisRIKE teams up with german interior design studio STUDIO OINK. those pics of my Objekt.01 at their home are the beginning of something totally new to me. and i’m excited and grateful at the same time. but no details today.

perhaps you already stumbled upon Lea’s and Matthias’ work. right now you can find them and their inviting pale home in the current issue of KINFOLK. i’m just in love with their home and the wonderful work they put into it to appropriate this space. there’s a lot to take from when it comes to creating a home. even if it’s a rented one.

those days i get easily bored by those perfect – often black+white – interieurs you see everywhere online. don’t get me wrong, i like this style. but often i miss the personality of the inhabitants reflected in those homes looking like showrooms. one popular branded product next to the other.

but in this case it’s totally different. i can’t get enough of this beautiful space. even the tidyness does not affect it. white varnished pine, terracota, a lot of green, next to well chosen vintage ceramics. celebrating traditional handcrafts.

“Throw away everything you don’t need in your daily life except personal things.”
Lea says.

perhaps this is one reason why those rooms appear so personal and inviting to me. less is more. something they have in common when it comes to alessandra’s beautiful home.

two sources of inspiration when it comes to our next home, we hopefully move in before the next winter comes.

another home i’m in love with. and more to find here and there.

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  1. I totally agree with you on those perfect homes that look like showrooms! No personality whatsoever, anybody could live in such a house. I see this a lot on instagram too, not only in homes but with fashion as well. It’s getting kind of boring. These homes you link to are much more inspiring :)

  2. i have to confess – my collectors habit is not a minimalistic one… so i will never live in a uncluttered space like that:) but i need to have calmth in my life so last year we started to build my own furniture (to host and hide my collections) with brass, white covered plywood (it NEEDS to be easy to clean so no raw surfaces:)), glass and bits of marble. but it takes so much time… so every year i get 2 big or built in pieces and some smaller ones:) i guess i´m done in 2 or 3 years… one thing i´ve learned: it´s really hard if you aren´t able to do it yourself and have to rely on someone – we´re lucky and only have to get glass and wood cut but even those tiny things NEVER turn out the way you wanted it to:)

    i´m so excited for your new projects and new space!!!

    • the move in the back of my head makes it a lot easier to de-clutter ;)

      my grandfather was a master carpenter and i loved to join him in his workshop as a child. sadly he had to give it up before i even started to think of learning this craft. one idea that comes up to my mind again and again: qualify as a carpenter.

      so, for sure it’s a gift (to make your own furniture)! anna, is there a pic of your host on your blog?

  3. Dear Rike,
    thank you so much for your very personal and lovely words! We are really glad to recognize, that there is a changing in the way of how to create a home. Magazines like Kinfolk are so important to get some impressions of different tastes and to learn, that you have to be yourself in whatever you are doing. We don’t like these “black and white” homes, which are represented in a lot of blogs and on instagram, either and we are trying to show with our projects and our pictures, that its more important to relate a home to its owner. We are also big collectors and we had a huge collection of ceramics and we love to enjoy this collection every day. We think, that its important to part of things, which you will definitely don’t use and which doesn’t refer to your personality. There a so many good ideas and thoughts by the japanese architecture and the japanese way of life, where we can learn a lot. But we must not forget who we are and what we need.

      • You can ask me at any time! :) I will have a look, which book I can recommend, I will let you know! One is for sure, you should read “Walden-Life in the woods” written by Henry David Thoreau. It is not very easy to read, but it makes me feel better. ( you should order it in German )
        I like your Lifecycling tip a lot! Thank you! <3

        • i already ordered it shortly after i saw it again in your instagram feed. thanks for this reminder! i got a nice green hardbook edition from ‘anaconda’.
          books are my weakness. the only genre i’m allowed to make impulse buyings in. and i love to look for nice second hand books.

          but for now i have to finish tove jansson’s “sommerbuch” and this one http://www.typografie.de/shop/index.php/de/die-kunst-ein-kreatives-leben-zu-fuhren.html first :)

        • I directly ordered your book suggestion and looking forward to hold this wonderful book “Lifecycling” in my hands soon! It’s the same with me, I could buy books the whole day long….some books are very interesting, some very intelligent and some are still beautiful. If you like some philosophical books, you must definitely read Nietzsches “Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Historie für das Leben”. It’s about living in the present, the past or the future and it discusses if it’s better to live “nostalgic”, “future orientated” or just “for the moment”. Also interesting is this one amazon.com/Chen-kuan-Lee-19142003-Chinesische-Werkbund/dp/3496014199/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1394553100&sr=8-2&keywords=chen+kuan+lee http://www.abebooks.de/servlet/SearchResults?kn=9783496014195 and I love all the books of the architects SAANA.
          Also interesting ist everything you can find about “Wabi Sabi”. There is a lot to learn for us from the japanese architecture and their life with shadow and light…..enjoy!

  4. Dear Rike,
    I was reading your post which I find interesting and close to my point of view regarding life style, home and personality in general. I’m chuffed to see you’ve mentioned my home too. I’m not a minimalist to the core and I do collect ceramics as well, I simply cannot resist a beautifully imperfectly made piece. But, after pondering on the way we live, often on the move, one rented home after another I took the decision that clutter shouldn’t affects the quality of our life neither should become a burden and so I started my de-cluttering a couple of years ago. On the process so far I’ve learnt to let it go, it’s a liberating process. Indeed what you own tells a lot about who you are, not how valuable you are though. That’s why a house filled only with branded trendy pieces feels as empty as their inhabitants.
    I wish you all the best for your future collaborations and look forward for your new home.

    • thank you so much alessandra …

      our move makes it a lot easier to get rid of our useless things. just thinking “do i want to take this with us in our new home?”. so, we love to visit the thrift store every few weeks to handover those things that could be useful for someone else.

      next to that it helps me to reduce consumption. no more impulse buying (with the exception of books), and more informed purchasing decisions. i enjoy it a lot. it’s so liberating. to have less and to need less.