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■ an instagram week 29.03.2014 - 14:34 uhr

a gift by WSAKE
a sparkling surprise gift by lovely anna aka WSAKE

bastisRIKE instagram week

– i rearranged the surrounding of my working table. hello daylight. hello wsake’s new postcard collection. so simple, so beautiful. coming soon.

– contrasts in the evening light. there’s one AN ARTIST’S HAND pillow cover left in my etsy shop, after i had to cancel one order

– my avocado tree

– almost every second day i bake bread (my basic recipe)

an OBJEKT.01 for Debbie

an objekt.01 for Debbie in the making


not sure how to move on with this place. i’m having too much fun on instagram and right now it just suits me better than this blog.
and (re)posts like this shouldn’t be the only result of that …
time will tell

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■ a friday 28.03.2014 - 14:50 uhr

signs of spring in the morning make it easy to start into a new day

i try to consume less. or, more precisely, more thoughtful. one weakness: vinyl records. joni arrived today. johnny two days ago.

ANK Ceramics are made by Ariela Kuh in Lincolnville
in love with the work of Ariela Kuh // ANK ceramics (photo credit: ANK ceramics)

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■ shop news II 17.03.2014 - 12:20 uhr

bastisRIKE SHOPNEWS march 2014: anchor + ahoi stamp

those who follow me via instagram already knew: my lovely retailer schön&ehrlich from hamburg asked for an anchor stamp motif … so here it is:


and as a fan of those old czech movies and tv series from my childhood i couldn’t resist to add an ‚ahoi‘.


you can find those stamps in my etsy and dawanda shops. the papercut flower label stamp will follow soon …

have a nice start to this week, ahoi!

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■ shop news I 14.03.2014 - 18:07 uhr

i’m happy to tell you there’s a new print in my shop (for now exclusively via etsy): tree.06
large sized (23.62 x 31.5 inch // 60 x 80 cm), printed with vegetable based inks on matte, stable recycling paper.

bastisRIKE print tree.06

the original artwork is hanging in our living room. you can see it here or there. it’s a relic from my final work at art college back in 2010. reduced to a few words: i collected used christmas trees and photographed them in my studio. tree.06 still wears some lametta. below you can see one collecting point i visited.

bastisRIKE tree collecting point

and here are some other trees of the series:


it took me quiet a long time to decide to reprint this. and now i’m glad this work – or at least one piece – isn’t hidden at the attic anymore. sometimes you need a little push, right?

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■ bastisRIKE & STUDIO OINK 8.03.2014 - 12:57 uhr


photo credit: STUDIO OINK

talking about comissions, cooperations and team work … as some kind of hermit this is the most difficult exercise to me. but there’s so much to learn and win through the exchange of views, ideas or problems. thinking of that, first steps are taken more easier.

so i’m more than happy to name this first cooperation. bastisRIKE teams up with german interior design studio STUDIO OINK. those pics of my Objekt.01 at their home are the beginning of something totally new to me. and i’m excited and grateful at the same time. but no details today.

perhaps you already stumbled upon Lea’s and Matthias‘ work. right now you can find them and their inviting pale home in the current issue of KINFOLK. i’m just in love with their home and the wonderful work they put into it to appropriate this space. there’s a lot to take from when it comes to creating a home. even if it’s a rented one.

those days i get easily bored by those perfect – often black+white – interieurs you see everywhere online. don’t get me wrong, i like this style. but often i miss the personality of the inhabitants reflected in those homes looking like showrooms. one popular branded product next to the other.

but in this case it’s totally different. i can’t get enough of this beautiful space. even the tidyness does not affect it. white varnished pine, terracota, a lot of green, next to well chosen vintage ceramics. celebrating traditional handcrafts.

“Throw away everything you don’t need in your daily life except personal things.”
Lea says.

perhaps this is one reason why those rooms appear so personal and inviting to me. less is more. something they have in common when it comes to alessandra’s beautiful home.

two sources of inspiration when it comes to our next home, we hopefully move in before the next winter comes.

another home i’m in love with. and more to find here and there.

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■ news, bad and good 27.02.2014 - 16:32 uhr

bastisRIKE news

bastisRIKE pea

as already mentioned via facebook and instagram there are some bad news to announce. bad at first sight, but i get back later on that.

i decided to stop the pillow case production. the reason, short cutted: my manufacturer decided to switch to the use of synthetic fabrics instead of cotton. after rethinking and discussions with myself and my bearded man, i concluded that this is the point to make a new start. to rethink the philosophy behind bastisRIKE. or to be precise, to set it as top priority when it comes to business decisions.

sustainability has been important to me ever since i work on my own products. but meeting your own ambitions isn’t always that easy and every now and then you have to make a compromise. however, sometimes a compromise is just too big, it’s a bad one.
so i decided to slow down and to be even more picky when it comes to new products and new methods of production. since a long time i’m dreaming of working on small cooperations and limited editions together with craftsmen or other designers. i have been missing courage to approach this goal way too long. it’s time to value my own work and the work of others  on a higher level.

and if this means i have to take a step back or to reduce bastisRIKE’S range of products, in my eyes,  it’s worth it.
good news.

thank you for your support!

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■ analogue winter 20.02.2014 - 10:43 uhr

a few analogue pics of this fading winter. right now, the sun is shining and the birds call out spring. the last weeks and months i have been missing the real cold and snow out there, but in the end there’s alway something beautiful to find.

bastisRIKE analogue winter

bastisRIKE analogue winter

bastisRIKE analogue winter

bastisRIKE analogue winter

bastisRIKE analogue winter

bastisRIKE analogue winter

basti, by my side every day

bastisRIKE analogue winter

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■ dr. caligari 17.02.2014 - 11:46 uhr

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - TITLE

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - CESARE

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - SCENERY
[ © Copyright 2014 Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung ]

use the chance to watch this masterpiece on the arte website.
find more information on the restoration here and a making of video here (german).


more movie tips anyone?

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■ leipzig in november 14.02.2014 - 17:51 uhr

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

sehnsuchtsort // there are words i can’t and don’t want to translate

a few pics of our weekend in leipzig last november. sometimes it’s better to just be there, not looking through the viewfinder or on a display.

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

zeughaus leipzig. again and again. no wonder trixi loves it too.

bastisRIKE leipzig in november

thinking a lot about moving those days. thinking about prioritys.
simply put, what comes first:
a) the job, or
b) the place of living?

is it as simple as it sounds? the more i think about it the more i believe some courage and unreasonableness can be your best friends.

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■ green, dust and a giveaway 6.02.2014 - 12:30 uhr

bastisRIKE birch twig
some spring at home. a birch twig i brought home from the birch bark shooting. the first leaves show up.

bastisRIKE dusty monstera
yes. our home is quiet untidy at the moment. actually it doesn’t feel like a home. perhaps it never did. and perhaps it never had a chance. i tend to stuck in a ’sit and wait‘ positition, thinking „everything will be better after the move“, and in the meantime i lost the energy to make it a home.

hello, self-deception! let me tell you, „always waiting for something better“ is such a bad and off-putting habit. you suck. watch out, i“ll kick your ass!

bastisRIKE neue Stempel Frühjahr2014
[the birch bark envelopes and the new stamps moved into the shops.)

i was kind of overwhelmed by your support in form of comments, mails, letters, links or orders during the last weeks. let me tell you like it is. i’m kind of a loner, prefering to spend the evenings at home, instead of a crowded bar or something. that’s fine with me, because that’s me. point. but since our move we got isolated from our few friends and working from home doesn’t make it easy to find new ones. so, perhaps you understand how much your words mean to me. even though i try not to get devoured by this online life.

to cut it short: there’s a small giveaway to say thank you(!).

bastisRIKE danke 2014

just leave a comment until sunday to win a set of my birch bark envelopes. 5 sets to give away. international comments welcome.

write a letter to someone you’re missing to talk to. i’ll do.

bastisRIKE Briefkuverts Birkenrinde

thank you.


winners are: marina, ivana, julimorgen, dorette and sofia. you got mail!

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■ stamps, bark and tea 31.01.2014 - 16:57 uhr

bastisRIKE neue stempel
die aufkleber sind gedruckt, die druckplatten auf dem weg zu mir. denn auch wenn sich die prioritaeten verschoben haben, kann ich es manches mal nicht sein lassen …  warum auch … und so ziehen in kuerze zwei neue stempelmotive ein

bastisRIKE birch bark envelopes
a new product in bastisRIKE product palette: envelopes. classy din long format, self-adhesive, 100% recycled paper. first design: a birch bark photo print. more motivs to follow.

bastisRIKE tea and homemade shortbread
tea and homemade shortbread (recipe by nina) to start into the weekend. have a nice one!

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■ push 29.01.2014 - 14:40 uhr

bastisRIKE & Fine Little Day
[photos: elisabeth dunker aka fine little day]

elisabeth’s blog and work has been a huge inspiration and motivation to me for years now. never dared to think of bastisRIKE being a part of it some day. yesterday was the day that finally proofed me wrong: objekt.01 moved into the fine little day shop.

still have to pinch myself …
i am so grateful for this push, elisabeth!

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■ still mit dem aber 21.01.2014 - 14:27 uhr

bastisRIKE "still mit dem aber" (Lessing, written by Ruth Gimpel)
still mit dem aber
~ an end to those (ifs and) buts ~

hab dank nina (!). more beauties written by ruth gimpel you can find in nina’s shop zierrat und gold.


kein mensch muss muessen
~ there is no such thing as a must ~


good points, mr lessing.

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■ tea and papercuts 10.01.2014 - 16:53 uhr

right now the sun is shining and we have 10° celsius outside. i really hope for some winter temperatures soon. i miss the winter and the idea that this one could pass without some really icy weeks is just horrible.

papercuts and tea are my plans for the weekend.

the hot pat pictured is made by kind alessandra aka knots. a gift i made myself for handling the pre christmas period in the shops. it’s just perfect and i love its haptics. made of linen, hemp and bamboo batting. this beauty has to wait for some other day.
our this years priorities don’t allow too much shopping those days. the shop analogue life (again, thank you so much for the link aleassandra!) makes it difficult to resist. but i enjoy to visit it for some inspiring window shopping.

i’m off to the sofa. have a nice one!

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