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■ notizen /// adventskalender // dezember 05 5.12.2016 - 16:10 uhr

heute: blitzschnelle gebrannte mandeln

bastisRIKE gebrannte mandeln

200g mandeln (oder nuesse)
2 1/2 el wasser
3-4 el brauner zucker
1 tl zimt (oder wonach dir gerade ist)

zucker, zimt und wasser in einem mikrowellenfestem gefaeß mischen
fuer 2 minuten bei ~ 600 watt aufkochen, sodass der zucker schmilzt
mandeln hinzugeben, umruehren und fuer weitere 2 minuten in die mikrowelle
umruehren und nicht davon irritieren lassen, dass es ausschaut, als wuerde es nichts werden
nochmal fuer 2 minuten in die mikrowelle
umruehren, bis es raschelt und ab auf ein backpapier zum abkuehlen

tipp: wer fuer weihnachtsbaeckerei, mandelmilch & co einen großen verbrauch an mandel und nuss hat, wird hier fuendig. europaeische bio-qualitaet im großgebinde (ab 500g), plastikfrei* geliefert.

* ergaenzung: o-ton Stübener Kräutergarten:
Wir bieten plastikfreien bzw. plastikarmen Versand und Verpackung als Service.

Leider stellen wir immer wieder fest, dass diese Kunden zwar umweltschonend leben wollen, bestellen aber Produkte die sehr lange haltbar sind in „Kleinstmengen“. Dies steht im Widerspruch zu einer umweltschonenden Verpackung.
Wir sind bemüht unsere Produkte in 1000g-Packungen Zug um Zug in Papier zu verpacken, somit plastikfrei.
Kleinmengen werden aber auf Kundenwunsch in Kunststoff-Zip-Beutel verbleiben, da diese selten umgefüllt bzw. zu Hause portioniert werden.Somit versuchen wir allen Kundenwünschen gerecht zu werden.

Bitte berücksichtigen sie dies bei ihrer nächsten Bestellung und denken sie über „Menge“ nach.

ich benenne meinen plastikfrei-wunsch bei der bestellung und dann kommen auch kleinmengen plastikfrei. belehrt bestelle ich inzwischen selbst aber lediglich großmengen.

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■ i ♥ fall 20.11.2014 - 14:51 uhr

[wristworms by sandra]


der herbst ist ganz meins. und so macht er die teestunden ohne viel zu tun gleich gemuetlicher. das chaos drumherum tritt fuer ein paar minuten in den hintergrund.

– immer wieder #rikesteatime // stets suchend nach dem perfekten einem guten begleiter. nicht zu sueß, dafuer gerne bodenstaendig
– dank mieke gefunden und mit großer freude gesehen: stanley kubrick’s boxes
– ein herzensprojekt einer lieben freundin: dein tod und ich
– auf meinem plattenteller: dogs by kim hiorthoy
– große vorfreude ˄˄
„buy less, choose well, make ist last – because we don’t need so much“




i love fall. you don’t need much more to make a cozy teatime at home.  for a few minutes the surrounding chaos gets in the background.

– again and again #rikesteatime // always searching for the perfect a good partner. not too sweet, but down-to earth
– found thanks mieke and watched with joy: stanley kubrick’s boxes
– on my turntable: dogs by kim hiorthoy
– great anticipation ˄˄
„buy less, choose well, make ist last – because we don’t need so much“

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■ a day in the life 11.04.2014 - 13:07 uhr

bastisRIKE was invited to take over the etsy instagram feed today/yesterday. we are still excited to be featured on etsy’s inspiring #dayinthelife series on IG.

i decided to show you the whole bunch of pictures i sent in. the large-sized ones are those etsy choosed for the series which is reduced to 5 pics a day.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
My days start with a walk with Basti my dog and name giver for ‚bastisRIKE‘. During spring our way is dotted with petal confetti. It’s the best thing to start a day and to wake up fully. And if it doesn’t help: Back at home breakfast and coffee is already waiting, prepared by my bearded man.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
Baking is my kind of meditation if work gets too stressful. Besides the bakeries around our home are sadly quiet bad. So every couple of days there’s a bread dough growing. And if there’s just a small amount of time my favourite choice is the famous #nokneadbread.

Every now and then, depending on the order situation, i have to restock my stamps. This means cutting, mounting and applying matching labels on top. Not a creative part of my work but it helps with sorting thoughts and ideas.

bastisRIKE #dayinthelife on Etsy's Instagram
Two sources of inspiration. Photos made with my old nikon and even more important: the bearded man pictured together with Basti. He’s by my side since almost 14 years and I cant imagine a life without him. He’s my best friend and the man i love.

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■ an instagram week 29.03.2014 - 14:34 uhr

a gift by WSAKE
a sparkling surprise gift by lovely anna aka WSAKE

bastisRIKE instagram week

– i rearranged the surrounding of my working table. hello daylight. hello wsake’s new postcard collection. so simple, so beautiful. coming soon.

– contrasts in the evening light. there’s one AN ARTIST’S HAND pillow cover left in my etsy shop, after i had to cancel one order

– my avocado tree

– almost every second day i bake bread (my basic recipe)

an OBJEKT.01 for Debbie

an objekt.01 for Debbie in the making


not sure how to move on with this place. i’m having too much fun on instagram and right now it just suits me better than this blog.
and (re)posts like this shouldn’t be the only result of that …
time will tell

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■ small things 9.11.2013 - 15:56 uhr

bastisRIKE ginger
i love to order big amounts of ginger with our organic box. not just because i really love ginger tea (with lemon juice and honey) but because i love those gorgeous shapes

bastisRIKE gingko
before yesterday i didn’t knew there’s a ginko tree in our front yard … until those beauties felt at my feet


i’m off to prepare the yeast dough for those pumpkin buns. have a nice weekend!

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■ blue chocolate sunday 22.09.2013 - 17:14 uhr

a dark blue sunday sky


a dark brown chocolate sunday cake


„der sonntag ist schließlich dunkelblau, aber trotzdem hat er etwas von einem stueck schokolade, in das man beißen moechte.“
(clemens j. setz – die frequenzen)

have a nice one

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■ bits 4.04.2013 - 15:49 uhr






1 + 2
cutting paperbirds inspired by some photographs. it seems that i’m addicted to shoot birds. you can find them on every film role i shot through the last months.

planing the weekly shopping with some of our favourite books beside. i had to purchase JERUSALEM (german | english edition) right away after i saw maria’s dinner post.

this week highlight no01: a concert visit.

this week highlight no02: the supercraft kit arrived and my heart leaped. (more on that – and a tombola giveaway on top – the next days.)

▫ those rugs
▫ those sunglasses pouches
▫ this cooking book

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■ winter pics and a bread recipe 21.02.2013 - 13:05 uhr

bastisRIKE: winterBASTI

bastisRIKE: winterFLORA

bastisRIKE: winterHIMMEL

bastisRIKE: winterLANDSCHAFT

bastisRIKE: winterNEST

picked up some pics today. a film role filled with winter from the last weeks.

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

bastisRIKE: winterSTRUKTUR

for sure i couln’t ever be a food-blogger. never ever. i’m so impatient and can’t wait to eat instead of making good looking photos. and who want’s to look at plates with crumbs as recipe reference? hm, perhaps this could be a nice and funny blog project, for sure something like this is already out there?

anyway, i found this one food photo between all the wintery structures: my beloved rootbread.

bastisRIKE: wurzelBROT

some of you asked for its recipe, so here it comes. (note: as you will notice it’s a slow-food recipe):

rootbread (3 loaves)


160g wheat flour (1050) (you can replace it with spelt-flour (1050) if you want)
160ml cold water
3g salt

stir together and place it covered with foil at a cold place (fridge) for at least 12 hours.

main dough:

580g wheat flour (550)
80g rye flour
360ml cold water
8g fresh yeast
2 tablespoons vinegar

mix those ingredients with the starter-dough. knead the dough for 4 minutes (kitchen machine on lowest speed)

add 12g salt and knead it for another 5 minutes (kitchen machine on speed II). let it rise for 12-18 hours covered with foil
at a cold place (fridge).
place your dough on a floured work surface. leave it covered with a damp cloth for 40 minutes to become ‚warm‘. after this
fold the dough from top to down and from right to left and cover it with the damp cloth again. repeat this step 3 times every
10 minutes.

divide the dough in three parts. flour those parts and your hands and twist both ends of each piece against each other to get
the root-like look. leave them for another 20 minutes.

place a bowl of water in your oven and preheat it to 250°c. bake the bread for 5 minutes and remove the bowl. after another
15 minutes reduce heat to 200°c for final baking. it should be golden brown in the end and if you’re unsure if its done knock
on its underside. it should make a hollow sound.

we love to eat it just with best butter and some sea salt on top. let me know if you tried this recipe and if you have any suggestions!


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■ guten rutsch 31.12.2012 - 13:59 uhr






some christmas presents:
▪ two new pairs of woolen socks knitted by my grandma as a christmas surprise
▪ another big surprise came by mail. a happy customer sent me this dog planter. she knows me well, i love my spaniel!
▪ a christmas princess one of my young nieces painted
▪ my favourite page in kim hiorthoy’s book „You can’t Disappoint your Best Friend and at the Same Time be a Good Singer“ (deutsche ausgabe)


at last, new year’s eve preparations:
▪ the main-dough for our favourite bread. it has to rise outside in the cold.


a happy new year let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear!

thank you for stopping by!

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■ soul food 1.11.2012 - 13:25 uhr


outside it’s dark and it seems the sun likes to hide all day. so i decided to make some soul food this morning. yeast dough allways works. this time i made reformationsbrötchen (reformation buns). in leipzig you got them in every bakery the days around reformation day (yesterday). one thing i miss next to a surprisingly large number of other things.

so even if mine look like something out of a horror movie (the strawberry jam decided to leak out) they are just perfect. what about your soul food?

all the best to you

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■ klitzekleine GLÜCKLICHMACHER 4.10.2012 - 16:31 uhr


i got mail today! extra sweet mail. it’s daniela’s book filled with the best recipes from her food blog klitzeklein. a few months ago she asked me if i would like to send her some stamps she would like to use for the decoration of her sweet treats. how could i say no? so look at those beautiful pictures.

klitzekleine GLÜCKLICHMACHER: bastisRIKE Stempel

klitzekleine GLÜCKLICHMACHER: bastisRIKE Stempel

klitzekleine GLÜCKLICHMACHER: bastisRIKE Stempel

hab lieben dank, dani! von herzen!

klitzekleine GLÜCKLICHMACHER: bastisRIKE Stempel

and next to this, at first sight, i have to try those recipes. normally i’m a fan of simple cakes+cookies without effort, but she got me. on top of my list: home-made snickers.

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■ mischmasch 28.09.2012 - 17:45 uhr


my contribution to sabrina’s project called: ‚let’s do a collage together‘. she invited the reader of her blog to send her a linocut leaf and she’ll print a collage. such a nice idea and i’m curious to see the result, look at all those leafs!


my man has been sick for the last days and stayed in bed most of the time. basti joined him as a hairy heat pad.


sometimes i buy books cause of its cover. like this one. an old christmas themed baking book from 1960. as i bought it online without further informations i was happy to find some nice illustrations inside.



beautiful woodcuts by rober wyss. the list of recipes sounds delicious and i’m looking forward to try some of them.


two music-videos i could watch and / or listen over and over again:
cut the world
yet again

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11.06.2012 - 10:00 uhr


breakfast on the couch: semolina pudding with nuts&fruits, english breakfast tea … joined by kinfolk magazin … good morning

in my neighbourhood the single point of film development closes its doors. too bad. more waiting, more inconveniences. my dear small nikon, i’ll accept all that … but some cursing is ok


adele live @ the royal albert hall via arte


fruestueck auf dem sofa: grießbrei mit fruechten&nuessen, englischem fruehstueckstee …  beleitet vom kinfolk magazin … guten morgen

die einzige filmentwicklung-annahmestelle in meiner naehe schliept. zu schade. mehr warten, mehr umstaende. aber fuer meine gliebte kleine nikon werde ich auch das in kauf nehmen … aber ein bisschen schimpfen ist erlaubt

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20.04.2012 - 10:03 uhr



ein ende und ein anfang

– sauerteigbrot, gekroent von guter butter + grobem meersalz (brotzeit, welch schoenes wort)
– knuepf-beginn, der letzte liegt fast zwei jahrzehnte zurueck

beides nun haeufiger


bobo choses campground rug


an end and a start

– sourdough bread, crowned with high quality butter + coarse sea salt
– knotting, my last try dates back nearly two decades

both of it more often

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